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I am a writer living in LA. I perform at the UCB.
My friend and I created DEALBREAKER and we wrote a book about it. I make videos too. If that's not enough, I also

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5th February 2012

Chat with 23 notes

ONE ACT PLAY: The Red Light

  • One man, of African American descent/persuasion, leans out the passenger's side window of his friend's vehicle and calls to me as I walk down the street with two friends.
  • MAN: Hey, man why you got an afro if you ain't a negro?
  • ME: (Laughing) Awww, come on man!
  • MAN: What you doing with an afro, son? You ain't no negro!
  • ME: (Yelling) Awww, come on man!
  • MAN: But you're not a negro! You're not supposed to have that afro!
  • ME: (Screaming exasperatedly) AWWW COME ON, MAN!!!!

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